As our business partner, you should be aware of who we are and how we work. Our aim is to have satisfied customers. We fulfill your needs and requirements reliably, safely, on time and in the quality requested.

We will fully meet all legal provisions and fundamental requirements in all our work and activities, and seek to create a safe working environment.
The future of our company is based on the strengths which have ensured JPM the position it now has in the sector, and with which we wish to develop and maintain longterm successful business relations with our customers.


has a certified Management System pursuant to the directives of ISO 9001 and SCC. It covers the fields of Quality and Environment Management as well as Safety at Work and Health Protection. Together with personal and technical requirements, it forms the basis for our daily work with the following targets:

  • Continuous improvement in safety in all sections, with the aim of achieving zero accidents
  • Continuous improvement of environment management, with the aim of minimizing or ex-cluding environmental contamination
  • Continuous improvement of our services
  • Continuous improvement of customer support
  • Continuous increase in customer satisfaction
  • Maintaining and improving competitiveness

Business decisions to be taken by JPM Management are made with consideration to economic, ecological aspects as well as issues concerning social responsibility, security and safety at work.

Safety and the Environment

The objective of all work and activities is not to cause damage to any person and not to cause environmental contamination.

will further reduce any impact our work and activities have on health and environment by increasing the individual skills of our staff in the fields of safety and via environment and optimum employment of qualified staff. This is executed on all hierarchical levels, from apprentices through to management staff.

operates its own program to assess and improve skills, consisting of the analysis of processes, training as well as guidelines for practical implementation, and applies this program consistently. In addition to legal provisions, we also meet the more demanding requirements we and our customers place on ourselves and our work.


Our strong corporate culture is founded on clearly defined values and principles based on higher ethical standards. Safety, health and protection of the environment are of top priority.

Staff and Management

Our staff are our most important success factor. They fulfill their tasks with know-how and expertise enhanced by specific further training and commitment in order to achieve our common, agreed and challenging targets. Our management motivates staff to work independently and supports innovative ideas. We ensure longterm safety of jobs and the training of our apprentices.

does not tolerate any mobbing or humiliating, racist, discriminating or hostile conduct, and is committed to the principles of the General Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations. Acceptance or payment of bribes or gifts is not tolerated.