JPM is designing, delivering and installing aluminium domes for the cover of storage tanks in order to reduce emissions and to protect the stored product from rainwater contamination. The JPM ALU-Dome is used for both, for new tanks (possibly with internal floating roof) as well as for retrofitting of existing floating roof tanks.

The JPM ALU-Dome is designed and constructed in accordance with API 650, App. G and to the individual needs of each customer. Different aluminium materials and stainless steels are used depending of the particular application.

Pre-assembly of the dome roof can be carried out beside or even within the tank, on the tank ground or on the floating roof.

The necessary equipment of the dome e.g. nozzles or inspection facilities are integrated according to customers’ requirements.

An aluminium dome is easy and quick to assemble, does not require coating and is maintenance-free for many years.