Repair, renovation, tank lift, upgrading

JPM has extensive experience in the repair and refurbishment of containers and storage tanks since 1970. All work is planned in detail, adapted to the individual requirements and the execution is documented with static calculations, drawings, welding- and inspection-plans. A safe execution of the repair- and refurbishment-work taking into account the relevant safety regulations and the creation of a risk analysis is a matter of course for JPM.

Since experience and the track record of performed repair- and renovation-work is very large, the following is a selection of the most common work:

1. Tank foundation

  • Tank lifting and renewal of the foundation under the tank
  • Tank lifting with crane for the renewal of the foundation
  • Placement of an additional concrete layer in the tank

2. Tank bottom

  • Repairs such as: replacing bottom plates, bottom plates doubling, re-welding, welding, etc.
  • Subsequent installation of the tank bottom sump
  • Installation of a new tank bottom
  • Subsequent installation of a vacuum-controlled double-bottom system (also in riveted tanks)
  • Replacement bottom edge plates, and plates below the lower first course

3. Tank shell

  • Exchange of e.g. corroded shell plates
  • Extending of the tank shell to increase the volume
  • Installation of additional stiffening rings on the tank shell e.g. due to a change in the design parameters of the tank or due to an adaptation to current standards

4. Fixed roof

  • Repair or replacement of the roof plates
  • Repair or replacement of the roof structure
  • Additional reinforcements to the existing fixed roof e.g. due to a change in the design parameters of the tank or due to an adaptation to current standards
  • Replacement of the entire roof

5. Floating roof and internal floating roof

  • Repair or replacement of the roof membrane
  • Repair or replacement of roof pontoons
  • Leak testing of pontoons
  • Conversion of pontoon floating roof into double deck floating roof
  • Repair or replacement of existing floating roof seals
  • Supply and installation of new floating roof seal JPM SWING
  • Retrofitting secondary seal JPM DOUBLE SWING
  • Retrofitting tertiary seal JPM TERTIARY SWING

6. Equipment

  • Nozzles and manholes
  • Inspection systems
  • Floating suction skimmer
  • Tank heaters
  • Safety fittings
  • Fire-fighting equipment
  • Floating roof drainage systems

7. Upgrading of existing tanks

  • Conversion from floating roof tank into fixed roof tank
  • Retrofitting ALU Dome on floating roof tank
  • Retrofitting floating roof
  • Retrofitting vacuum monitored double-bottom system
  • Increase in volume
  • Changes in the design parameters (e.g. increase operating temperature and pressure)
  • Adaptation to new storage products (such as JET -A1)
  • Adaptation to current standards