Engineering and supply of materials

JPM has extensive know-how and many years of experience in planning, layout and design of storage tanks for different media. The necessary resources are available in sufficient capacity and with the relevant approvals. The design is performed according to EN, API, BS, DIN, EEMUA or other regulations; this can be agreed with the customer and the responsible authorities on an individual basis.

Our scope of services includes the full required engineering consisting of strength calculation including stability analysis, design and workshop drawings, assembly, welding and testing plan for the fabrication and installation.

The materials are prefabricated ready for assembly and safely packaged for transport to the site. If necessary, the on-site assembly is supported by experienced supervisor.

Review and assessment of existing facilities

For the increasingly important conservation and improvement of existing facilities for the protection of residents and the environment JPM offers its own know -how as a support for operators.

Through our qualified and experienced staff facilities are examined and an assessment of any necessary measures will be performed and presented in the form of a written report. The investigations are carried out in accordance with the latest state of standardization and legislation.

The required work program will be discussed and specified in details.